Weather Forcast: Goatse With a Touch of Vodka and Peach Schnapps Skies

Every week, I can count on having at least one (often more) of my images hotlinked. I hate hotlinking. Can I stress how much I hate hotlinking? I hate hotlinkers.

Anyway, there are three images on my site that have the “privilege” of being the most hotlinked. Two of those images were taken with my camera and all copyrights belong to me. One image was lifted from a spam email sent to Tyler.

(By the way, did I mention how much I hate hotlinkers? I hate hotlinkers.)

So, I guess the point of this post is that I get a lot of hotlinks to my images. It’s been a really big problem lately thanks to Myspace and Xanga- two places that seem equally adept at harboring bandwidth thieves. I’ve even included warnings at the end of each post containing the popular hotlink pictures that I will punish hotlinkers. However, this has not stopped the rash of hotlinking I get each week.

And I highly doubt this message will do anything to stop the hotlinking, but I’m posting it because:

  1. I’m currently drunk.
  2. I’m currently alone with a dog that happens to fart and abandon ship, thus leaving me to suffer with her coma-inducing stench.
  3. And, I really feel like ranting about how much I hate hotlinkers.

(I forgot; did I mention how much I hate hotlinkers yet? I really, really hate hotlinkers.)

So, anyway. If you decide to hotlink any of my images, please don’t underestimate me. I’m really quite vindictive and creative when it comes to replacing my images. Eventually, I will post a tutorial of sorts that shows just how far I go when it comes to hotlinking. I’m serious. I actually have a folder on my precious little iBook titled “Hotlink Death”. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. It contains all documentary evidence of hotlinkings and the consequences therein. Oh, and also- whatever you do- do not understimate my ability to look at my dear friend Goatse, especially while intoxicated.

Online Exclusive

I haven’t been writing on this site much because I’ve been spending most of my energy writing for the UW’s illustrious student publication, the Daily. Anyway, I put my version of all the articles I’ve written under the “Other” section for writings.

For those who care, or are interested in seeing the “editing process”, links to any available online editions are at the top of each article page. These articles are exactly the same as those in the print versions, minus the awesome photos from my personal photographer and the annoying subtitles I always have to include.

I say “my version” because each time I submit an article it goes under the cataract-infested eye of the copy-editors at the UW’s illustrious student publication, the Daily. This means that all manner of grammatical errors that weren’t present in the file I submitted suddenly crop up in the print and online editions. It also means that the few grammatical errors (read: a missing quotation mark being the only one I have yet to find) also go unnoticed.

Maybe I’m biased, but I’ve also found that the stronger the article, the more mangled it becomes by the hands of the copy-editors at the UW’s illustrious student publication. Are they jealous or just stupid? I can’t really tell you as I’ve never met them. Though, I’m leaning towards stupid, given the type of mistakes they’ve made when “editing” my work.

I’m not saying my work is flawless mind you, I’m just venting my frustrations at having lazy and stupid people edit what I write.

I also published an article I just finished today. It’s named “Air flair”, courtesy of Tyler’s- um… skills at naming things and my lack thereof. I have no idea when it will be in the Daily. Think of this as an “online exclusive” for my readers, but also as an angry “fuck you” to the UW’s illustrious student publication. I say “fuck you” because I’ve published it here first, which is typically not a nice thing to do in the world of publication. But hey, I have yet to turn in my hire packet so I’m still technically not on staff. And that means I can do what I want with my material.