I know you’re there, Internet Stalker(s)

Sometimes, I wonder about creepy internet stalkers. Are the watching me? What are they thinking? What are they looking for as the comb through my archives? I know it’s a silly thing to worry about, these stalkers, considering the newly minted adage of “laying oneself bare on the internet.” But, due to extenuating circumstances, I know there’s a stalker or two watching this modest little blog.

And I think of how funny it would be to implement secret posts like at the Amick Family blog. I could title an entry “At the strip joint,” or “The worst day of my life,” or “I know you’re there, Internet Stalker(s).” And then I could lock said post, basking in the impish pride of knowing that their stalker interest has shot past chartable levels because they can’t read the sweet pomegranate words.