They Ate $4

$1.75 of which I was willing to spend.

Damn vending machines. I’ll remember this.

Heck—Why Not?

Here’s some more spam— but this time it’s highly educational. I’m also quite fond of the story excerpt that comes from nowhere.


Has ur wife been complaining about ur actions in the bedroom. If so, come
check us at their own traditions
and shogunate to gain some of the technology the foreigners possessed. This
became known as the Meiji Restoration. Summing

it up, the Japanese just responded to Western imperialism by adopting
Western methods of government and industrialization to become a great
power.. ether or not he is still in the pound. She even is laughing about
falling through the bottom of the rocking chair even though she was worried

Hello, Am Scam

A message someone sent this morning in response to my Etsy shop:


Am sheridan,am interested in getting your items,am a major dealer in ancient and modern woman accesories and its import and export,will like to know if you can them get in bulk,because am willing to buy in large quantity hope the price is affordable for retail.and also its guarantee of good quality and warantee.will like you to reply so as to know how and where to get the product and the payments etc payment is through bank transfer or money order.thanks

Thanks alot


I thought about writing a long critique about how you’re an idiot if you think you can get away with scamming someone by throwing some text through an online translator. But then I realized that these scams must work on someone, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. Then I thought about writing how this scam message actually made me realize that there truely are real people writing these atrocious poxes of grammatical evil rather than one Spam Demon. But then I realized I still have no proof that this wasn’t the fault of the Great Overlord Spam Demon. So, I guess I’ll just let the message stand alone since I feel it properly conveys all the ideas in my head without any needed explanation.

Oh, and I’m feeling really tired and lazy and should technically be editing atrocious poxes of grammatical evil to actually make a difference in this world&#8212or at least, in the greater UW community.