About A Mysterious Organization

It’s amazing what random things get sent to my PO Box. I understand all of the strange vegan/raw food/organic stuff sent by organizations that can’t afford a decent color publication; those are because I have subscribed to various vegetarian magazines in the past and make annual donations to environmental charities. However, this one takes the wheat-free, dairy-free and egg-free cake. Who are these people anyway, and why do they think that I am a part of the “Student Letter Exchange Pen Pal Program”? The last Pen Pal program I had signed up for was over five years ago and it was through some ad in the back of Sassy. Does anyone else remember that now defunct magazine that merged into Teen?

Postcard sent to my PO Box


As a special thank you for participating in our Student Letter Exchange Pen Pal Program, we have arranged for you to receive a FREE one-year subscription to Elle Girl.

Elle Girl is a magazine that offers up a glittering international ambiance and fashion sense to help you become the true fabulous you. Elle Girl is filled with lots of do-it-yourself ideas and other fun stuff for girls searching for a witty, smart alternative to the traditional teen magazine.

We hope you enjoy the magazine.

Student Letter Exchange”