According to the Canadians, “anger is a healthy and valid emotion”

Sure, and the day I post this— the day I fucking write this post— this asshole comes along and hotlinks one of my photos in question. In fact, he actually had the nerve to hotlink a photo I renamed “fuckyounohotlinking.jpg”! But the worst part about it is that he hotlinks it in a comment on someone else’s shitty ass MySpace site so I can’t very well replace the image with something fitting of my deep rooted, hate festering anger.

Has he no soul? Has he no decency? What are the chances? What are the chances?

Don’t mind me; I’m just stressed and depressed. I’ll get over it once Spring comes along and I actually graduate fucking college. Perhaps I’ll even get over it sooner- assuming I find some time to pick up some jasmine-lemon bubble tea.

Though, most likely, I merely need to scream “fuck” at the top of my voice over and over again until the anal-retentive neighbor upstairs who likes to exercise at 12 fucking O’clock at night comes down to bitch me out for screaming so much. ‘Cause god knows, I’ll feel better when I yell “fuck you, asshole neighbor who is fucking louder than I ever will be” to his weasel ass. I mean really, only anal-retentive pricks name their wireless network “JamesandSarah” so I know their fucking names and can slander them on the internet. Only asshole anal-retentive pricks who think it’s funny to move their fucking furniture above my bedroom at 2 in the fucking morning so they can vacuum their carpet at 2:30 in the fucking morning are put on this planet so I can cuss them out and feel better about my life.

I dare you to come down here and yell at me “JamesandSarah”, you anal-retentive bitch of a man-slut. Oh, I dare you.

P.S. This time I’m not drunk, just angry.