As you can witness from here, here, and even here, this happened again. Yes, I held a short-lived reign of drunken terror on the blogosphere that will forever be visible for anyone—including future employers. If you think that was bad, feel fortunate you weren’t the waiter who was nearly impaled to death by my hand as I shot it up in the air at the exact moment he was trying to clear my dishes from the table.

The orange juice has been overflowething from mine cup, but I don’t have plans to lay in bed and moan all day long. Probably because I was mostly drunk on wine this time. For some reason, I can handle wine better than beer the next morning.

For the record, I also didn’t gain five pounds from last night. Only two. Go wine!

Off record: Expect another post really soon. I would like to bump that one that mentions the tampon wrapper off the front page as soon as poosible.