Dear Pilot Corporation of America:

Your “G-2” pen sucks. Not only is the design of your “contour rubber grip” so uncomfortable that it hurts when writing, but the ink flow is non-existent. This is unacceptable for a pen that costs over one U.S. dollar. When I buy a package of two pens for $2.95 plus Washington State sales tax, I expect to buy a quality pair of disposable pens. If I was interested in cheap crap, I would buy a ten pack of Bic knock-offs from Office Depot for one-third the price of your two pens. Perhaps you should concentrate more on the comfort and function of you wares than on the dated “new age” design you mistakenly think to be stylish.


Mindy M.

Dear University District Rite-Aid:

You suck. Not only do you not carry my favorite type of pen, but you are also host to the rudest employees in the U-District. Every time I shop in your store, I’m glared at after asking for help, shoved aside while shopping in the aisles, and forced to stand in a long line of angrily huffing customers while your employees avoid the cash registers.

I also hate your store layout and the fact that your checkout counter is modeled after a UFO wedged between two mountains. Where the hell do you think your customers are supposed to line up around that monstrosity of a checkout counter when you only ever have one checker available at a time (if that)? Bartell’s is only a few blocks away, and although they are much smaller and have less of a selection, they manage to have more checkers operating tills than you ever do. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the employees at Bartell’s on the Ave actually smile at me when I walk in.

Agitatedly Huffing,

Mindy M.