I usually don’t do “Blogiversaries.” In fact, I never had before now. However, this little puppy’s been around for three entire years. And three is my lucky number. So, YAY! Huzzah! Break out the wine and cake!

Or something.

Seriously, though. Three years of sporadically writing utter crap. I never thought I could last past one year. That’s impressive. I’m impressed. Are you impressed? I certainly have the readers to show for it. Yup, at least two readers. Two readers who sometimes come here. One who comments, the other who calls drunkenly on the phone to bitch about why I haven’t written lately.

Okay, well, it was only once when he called to bitch. And he wasn’t drunk that time. Or even under the influence of drugs. And he probably called for another reason. But still, that’s one hardcore reader.