Brave New Spam

I usually don’t get much in the way of spam on either of my personal e-mail addresses. The spam that I do get at work consists solely of ads for penis enlargement, horny college freshmen or anything Jewish related. The Jewish stuff is okay- being as I work for a bunch of Jews and I have yet to see anything along the lines of “h0t & h0rnie Jewish Mamas l00kin%g for @ G00d Time!”- but the other stuff is annoying as it’s clear the same two people (or perhaps it’s just one loser who runs two outfits) have nothing better to do than send 100 identical copies of the same e-mail with different headers each day (this is not an exaggeration!).

So, you can imagine my amusement when Tyler happened to show me the below spam for Soma. Is this real? Has Soma really stepped off the pages of Huxley’s book and into our everyday lives? Is this a government conspiracy?

Relax with Soma!

A simple Google search has proven that there are a couple of spammy looking drugstore websites that do, in fact, sell a muscle relaxant known as Soma. As for whether this is a Bush Administration conspiracy– well, I’ll let you be the judge…

Update 10/11/2004: if you hotlink this image, you will be punished.