Bubble Tea Break

Instead of traveling somewhere new and exciting and dancing around in a bikini this spring break, I’m staying in Seattle and working. Oh, and the boyfriend left to visit his folks (and dentist) and it looks as if all of my friends are traveling around Europe or working. But who needs that dumb MTV Spring Break beach party crap anyway? I certainly don’t when I’m so fortunate to have a myriad of bubble tea places to fill the void!

So why bubble tea of all the things to obsess over in Seattle? Because the moment I first discovered the wonders of Bubble Tea, I quickly dubbed it my “liquid sunshine”. There’s nothing more soothing on a cold, rainy, depressing day in Seattle than one of those perky bubble tea cups and their vibrant colored straws- half the fun is choosing which colored straw looks best with your tea. Also, I’m quite addicted to the lemon with the fragrant jasmine tea base flavor that the best of the best offer. And of course, the flexibility of drink types is quite handy; if it’s too cold outside for you, then get a hot tea. If it’s too hot outside, then get the iced tea or milkshake or smoothie. There’s also something quite satisfying and soothing about chewing those tapioca balls- the number one turnoff for most people who try bubble tea for the first time (me included). It seems that no matter how high the stress level is when I walk into Yunnie’s (my favorite place of all) the stress melts entirely away after a couple of chews on those tasty tapioca balls of strangeness.

So, this week is my official Bubble Tea Break! Are all five of my readers out there ready to have a rockin’ good time? Yeah? Well let’s go party with the BT! Woohoo!