I get food addictions that must be sated. When I was a student, I was addicted to the elusive poppy seed muffins in the campus cafes.

Latetly, it’s been a chocolate crossiant from the cafe near my good job. However, the chocolate crossiant was merely a “chocolate crossiant” the first time I tried it. The second time, it was a ham crossiant. The past five or so times, it has been a crossiant with a teasing hint of chocolate. But today, it was a Super Mega Deluxe Chocolate Crossiant!

There was so much chocolate packed into this crossiant that my heart began beating rapidly with the first bite. It made quick, bounding leaps into my rib cage, much in the same manner as my former pet rabbit when being barked at by a certain honery Westie. It’s times like today when I really can forgive the cafe for selling ham crossiants and empty, lackluster chocolate crossiants.