The things I miss from home, in no particular order of importance:

1. My boyfriend and my dog
2. My soft, noiseless bed
3. Trees
4. Rain
5. Beans and burritos
6. Broccoli
7. Cheddar cheese
8. Being a native, not a tourist
9. Speaking without wild hand motions when trying to buy something
10. Indian food
11. Thai food
12. Grass (never thought I’d miss something like a lawn)
13. The delicate twitter of birds
14. Frogs croaking in the evening dew
15. Mixed drinks
16. The Irish Emigrant’s nachos
17. Juice
18. Watching Orion twist in the sky as I walk home
19. Being able to buy clothes in any store
20. Milk
21. Not hearing the Can-Can twenty times every day
22. A working oven
23. A working shower
24. A toilet that flushes when I want it to
25. Laundry machines that don’t cost 2 euro per a use
26. Carpeted floors
27. Floors I can walk bare-foot on without my feet turning black