Men Appreciation Week

In my life (my academic life, that is), I am currently surrounded by überfeminists. I have never had much experience with this odd brand of personage until this quarter, so I haven�t decided until recently that I don�t like them.

Feminists, rest assured. I like you and am on your side. However, there is a very bold line in Mindy’s Mental Vocabulary between feminism and überfeminism. Those who cross that line and enter überfeminism become annoying bitches who hate men and salivate over any minuscule reason to express their hate. What’s worse is that their hatred for men isn’t the most annoying thing about them. Even more annoying, is how they give a bad name to feminism by being short-sided, disagreeable, and refuse to do a damned thing to find a solution for the problem they spend all day bitching about. Maybe if they’d get off their ass once in awhile and stop obsessing over the glories of the vagina they could find common ground with their so-called “sisters”. But of course, that would never happen. No, never. Instead, überfeminists would rather feed their blistering hatred towards men and over-look the fact that they are no better than the very men they hate.

Since classes began, I’ve pondered the many possible reasons why these women might hate men. Sadly, I have pondered in vain. Sure, some men are a smarmy lot. I would know: my ass is grabbed regularly, I often have creepy older guys with no teeth call me “Kitty Cat”, and I have been stalked by a man driving a Salvation Army truck through downtown Seattle. Yet, despite the numerous negative man-related experiences I’ve had- and despite the fact that my father is an asshole- I love men. When I think back of my college days, the greatest moments of my life will revolve around the male friends I have. When I think of the most inspiring teachers/instructors I’ve had, only one has been a woman, the rest men. And there’s also the boyfriends of my life. Only one was a horrible mistake that lasted no longer than a month and gave me some good stories to tell. The rest I generally parted with on a good note- or at the very least we had a lot of fun before parting. And lastly, but most importantly, there’s Tyler. Anyone who can take my mental instabilities and insanity in stride for over a year (much less three years) makes men look like gods.

Because I’m pissed at the überfeminists I’ve had to interact with lately, I officially declare it “Men Appreciation Week” here at Mikania. Enjoy.