Multi-Million Dollar Baby

On my third day home, I returned to the daily soul-sucking routines of my life. But unlike two months ago, I didn’t get off the bus and climb up sagging steps to a barn-style rental house. I didn’t sit at a desk facing a wall and located inside a hot and stuffy room crammed with one copier, a fax machine, two computers and a network system for the eight computers, Instead, I entered the looming state-of-the-art facility I had watched grow from plans tacked to a wall in the original 1950’s facility where I worked to the fully realized, multi-million dollar sucking project it now was.

Upon coming back home, my work environs would be different, but I was still unprepared. The massive space I now work in, the poor lighting immediately above my desk, and the way the building manages to suck up any sound made in the “office suite” is hard to adjust to. It’s not only the complete opposite of Rome, but it’s unfamiliar.