Perhaps The Copy Editor Should Be Fired

“Perhaps”? “Perhaps”?!? Perhaps what? Perhaps I’m a fucking retard who can’t write? No, perhaps that damn Christian fundamentalist of a copy-editor is at it again.

Not only did they bastardize a decent title (which they always do), but the UW’s illustrious student newspaper also managed to bastardize all 66 of the interesting words I wrote at the top of my article. Which, by the way, could someone explain to me how the hell you completely ruin a small paragraph of 66 words? It doesn’t seem like there’s enough to ruin in the first place.

Will someone at a reputable newspaper in Seattle please hire me right now before The Daily ruins what last strangling hope I still have for writing? You can see what articles I have written here. Personally, I think I would be an asset to your fine newspaper.

P.S The 66 words they ruined are as follows: “Many spent last New Year’s Eve crammed between random and disjointed elbows in a bar that ran out of fries, nachos, and decent beer. Others are not yet 21 and can’t even begin to fathom the intense talent it takes to reach one’s drink through a sea of misplaced limbs. But in a city like Seattle, bars aren’t the only option for a New Year’s celebration.”

P.P.S. Yes, the rants should be ending as soon as Finals end (tomorrow). Just be greatful I didn’t post a rant about JamesandSarah this weekend. It would have been painful to read- trust me on this one.