Take Your Readers to Work Week

How do you follow an inspiring month in Rome? I’ve been at a loss for words lately- everything I write seems trivial after my intensive writing courses abroad. I guess it’s because I’ve lived near/in Seattle my entire life. Perhaps I’m so used to the people and the city that inspiration doesn’t fly into my face.

I always carry a notebook (or two) with me for writing and jotting down notes while on the bus, but I’ve found myself simply examining the grains of a blank page for the duration of my bus rides to and from work. When I come home, I throw my bag and notebook down on the couch, stare for a moment at the notebook outlined by the deep green fabric of my futon, and have a sudden desire to rip my hair out in frustration. In an attempt to be melodramatic, I’ve even gone so far as to actually attempt ripping my hair out in frustration, but I always immediately stop as I’ve found it hurts too much.

So, in an effort to combat my stagnant writing skills, I am going to regale my few loyal readers with tales from work this week. If that doesn’t scare off the five or so readers I have, then I must say that your loyalty is impressive.