Wanted: A Life

  1. I know I’ve been sitting at my computer too much the past few days when I can tell by the sound my hard drive is making that someone is downloading the leaked version of the newest Family Guy through DC++.
  2. I know I’m not getting out enough when Tyler opens the door to leave in the early morning and I experience a violent shudder from the light of an overcast sky.
  3. I know I need to join the circus when the most exciting part of my day consists of doing handstands on the bed.
  4. I know I’ve been watching too much of the same pirated TV shows over and over again when I can qoute a question Darien Lambert asks his computer SELMA and then respond with a qoute from Lion-o speaking to Mumm-Ra- all the while having the patchwork conversation make perfect grammatical and contextual sense. (By the way, is Mumm-Ra some sort of primate, or does he belong to the feline species? I can’t really tell.)

To make myself feel better during the various loser moments I experience throughout each day, my newest mantra is “not having a job will do that to the best of us.”