Yes, I’m Stalling

Okay, nothing good to read again. Sorry about that. I set up the RSS feed on my site and changed the comments thingy from BlogSpeak to Blogkomm. Nothing against BlogSpeak, but I didn’t like how it was hosted on a server different from mine and how I had limited control over the layout. I also didn’t like the blatant use of promotional links on the pop-up window and how he was going to start placing “text ads” in the windows. It’s a great service is you don’t want something complicated, you like the pop-ups and you don’t mind the text ads. However, it’s not the kind of thing I was looking for.

Speaking of pop-ups, I really like how they keep the main page clean and free of gunk, but I decided that they weren’t practical from a reader’s perspective in case someone has pop-up preventive software or a general thing against them. Thus, I made the sacrifice of losing my three comments and moved to Blogkomm. Hopefully this will be the one I stick with and I won’t have to go through yet another change. Luckily, he’s kind enough to have set everything up so my comments stay in their own file on my server- that way they’re never truly lost as long as I back stuff up once in a while. There’s something to be said for having stuff on your own server and not someone else’s.