A Short Conversation Amongst Creative Writers

“For the past 20 years of my life- and I’m only 21, so that’s most of my life- I had eaten at McDonald’s maybe four times. I used to think that it was bland and boring and too greasy and I hated it. But then I saw the light during the beginning of this summer. I had lunch with a co-worker who drove, so I had no choice in the matter of where we ate. He chose McDonald’s. I thought, ‘Ah, sure. What difference does it make since it’s so cheap?’ So I ordered the number two meal, and at his coaching supersized it. It was so good! And you can’t beat the value of it, especially since you get a ridiculous amount of fries and more soda than you can drink! Since that faithful day, I’ve been eating at McDonald’s maybe three or even four times a week.”

“That’s DISGUSTING! Think of your arteries, Man! Think of your arteries!” the other girl in our four-person discussion group screamed in terror.

“Well, I have no problem if people decide to eat at fast food restaurants,” I said, jumping to his defense. “Sometimes I eat at Kid Valley. I love their milkshakes.”

“I’m a vegetarian, so I have political motives,” she returned. I was surprised as I thought she would be the last person who was a vegetarian. Her dark hair was cut shorter than most boys and she possessed a short, masculine body that screamed “I eat meat!” I stared her in the eye, thinking; “Well I’m vegetarian, too. I just eat the Gardenburgers.” It was one of those odd moments where the cliché western showdown music would be fitting if it suddenly rose into the air from the depths of nothingness.

“Have you ever read Fast Food Nation?” I suddenly asked her.

“No, I don’t read boring crap like that.”

“Have you ever read Fast Food Nation?” I asked again, turning to the McDonald’s Posterboy.

“Actually, I read it this summer.”

“Well, I guess that means you have a right to eat there without having judgment passed on you.”

“Yeah, I guess it does.”

The above story isn’t entirely true. However, the lesbian person was a total, unfounded bitch about the dude eating at McDonald’s.


  1. And I always thought that vegetarians considered their choice a personal one, kind of how anti-abortionists should be.

  2. mysterious j says:

    cool. you're writing agani.
    i like how you bring the self-righteous vegetarians to light in this post. i think vegetarians are cool and all, but some of them are really nasty and try and make you one of them.