After these messages…

Due to the looming German exam that I have yet to study for, the Rabbi J series of stories I said I was going to start have been postponed until tomorrow. By noon tomorrow, I will hopefully have survived the hellish fires of the German language and will find myself contentedly sitting in my Creative Writing class while scribbling an outline and notes for my next installment. Will it be about the Playboy magazine or the Diet Coke that exploded in the freezer? Stay tunned to find out as I’m not quite sure yet.

In the interim, check out this site. Her illustrations are incredible and you should buy Christmas cards from her. What? Not Christian? So, buy the cards and send them to people anyway. You’ll feel warm and toasty inside because you just supported a freelance artist who kicks ass. And then you’ll feel guilty because you feel warm and toasty inside and it’s not even the official season for America’s favorite capitalistic holiday. It’s okay, I know how you feel- just read “SantaLand Diaries” from David Sedaris in Holidays on Ice and you’ll feel better.


  1. Wow, those cards are really cute. Can you send me one of each so I don't have to buy them but can tack them on my wall and admire them during the frigidly rainy holiday season?