And So it Continues

If you notice anything a bit off about this site, it’s because I’m in the process of moving everything from Blogger to Movable Type.

Sure, Blogger is a good service, especially if you just want a blog to update and don’t have anything remotely complicated you want to do to it. Since the beginning of this blog, it’s been a constant struggle with setting up everything how I want it on Blogger. I guess some of the stuff I wanted to do with my site was a bit too complicated. The comments problem pushed me over the edge. With the php for Blogkomm. I had to have my archives in my root directory, thus creating a really messy directory as I have a lot of other pages on this website. As you might realize, I am definately not one for messy directories.

So, I spent most of yesterday loading MT onto my server and most of this morning setting it up. Things still need to be worked on, so you’ll probably see some funky stuff while I’m setting everything up. Just bare with me in the next day or so and then everything will be back to normal and I can move onward to more interesting posts.


  1. Does that mean that our comments will get deleted yet again? 😉

  2. I hope not, especially after random people were so nice to leave comments for me!

  3. P.S. I know these comments forms look horrible. I'm working on trying to format them so they'll be beauteous.