Ave Street Fair

It took me long enough, but I finally uploaded the photos from last weekend’s Ave Street Fair in the University District.

I ended up going both days as I had to spend a good portion of the weekend on campus. Like all Seattle fairs, the food was expensive (excepting China First and their awesome $1 deals), the wares were tacky and expensive, the street performers were few and far between and the people were too genial and docile. But I guess it wouldn’t be a Seattle fair without the above. My only real complaint is that there are never enough musicians and bands at Seattle fairs. But hey, it was still fun- especially after hitting up the $3 Margaritas at Ruby’s. Tequila’s my tonic, and margarita’s are my ambrosia, so not much could ruin the fair after being tipsy.

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  1. Those pictures were really cool. I'm kinda sorry I missed the three dollar margaritas. I hope you drank some extra for me.