Birthday Loot

  1. $230 In Checks
  2. Great Drinkers Shot Glasses
  3. shot glasses

    Twyla bought these shot glasses in Ireland even though they’re from an American company. Hmmm… But hey, two of my most favorite writers are included (Hemingway and Faulkner), complete with a quote about drinking on the back of each glass.

  4. The American Bar
  5. The American Bar bartending guide

    Another something that Twyla bought for me and mailed with the glasses. It’s so cool to get a package from Ireland for my birthday a whole month early. Disclaimer: In no way did I open the contents of said package before June 3rd (birthday), nor did I happen to use any of the shot glasses at any date prior to June 3rd. Drinking while driving is not recommended, nor is it recommended while pregnant or while operating other forms of heavy machinery where impairment may be hazardous to your health or the health of others.

  6. Harry and David Tower of Goodness
  7. Goodies from Harry and David

    I opened up my apartment mail box and found a nifty package box key in it. This is the first time I have ever been given the nifty package key rather than a note telling me to go to the office. I was so happy that I got to save myself the whole extra ten minutes of trekking to the office on my birthday. I even opened the bottom box to find two juciy pears and a package of mixed nuts (and I mean mixed, not just some cashews and peanuts). The other boxes had a cake (which I have yet to try) and some assorted candies that I assume are meant to decorate the cake. This present reinforces the fact that my aunt and uncle are very cool.

  8. Breadman “Panini Maker” (that’s “Panini Grill” for the sophisticated)
  9. Panini Maker

    And the best present of all would be the very panini grill that I’ve been drooling over for about a year now. Ever since my last birthday when I discovered that toasted sandwiches didn’t have to contain just cheddar cheese, I’ve tried many failed attempts at grilling artisan bread stuffed to thrice the height with tasty items on a small George Forman Grill. Unfortunately, the good ‘ol George Forman has a nasty talent for squeezing the fillings out all over the counter and floor. Now that parts of the non-stick coating comes off with each washing, I think it’s time to chuck the grill.

  10. One Duncan Hines Supreme Moist Chocolate Cake with Homemade Frosting
  11. Duncan Hines Supreme Moist Cake with homemade frosting

    Tyler made me a cake. My one wish for my birthday was that I get a homemade cake because I hate bakery cakes- they never taste quite right, even when compared to a cake mix. Tyler also made his mother’s frosting recipe which has got to be the best frosting I have ever had. It was a very tasty cake and I’m so happy that I only have to share with one other person. My dog even seemed enthused about the few crumbs she managed to scavenge from the floor after barking at Tyler for singing “Happy Birthday” to me.

  12. The Last Day of Classes
  13. The last day of my classes was on my birthday. And to think, if I was graduating on time, it would have been the last day of my classes as an undergrad! I’m also done with my finals as all my profs seem to want to get an extra week of vacation in. They claim it’s because they need extra time to read all of those papers which they spend more time reading than other professors spend on grading exams. I’ve been around for four years now so they can’t fool me, especially when they do things like read the midterm papers in a matter of days. Those shifty English and Comparative Literature professors outta be ashamed of themselves for lying to us innocent and gullible students.


  1. Cako!

  2. Sounds like you had a nice birthday, but are you _sure_ you didn't open my presents until your birthday? I know you have such a nasty habit of opening anything present related before you're supposed to…….