Devoted to Ema

Yes, I have been silent. I have this peculiar thing known as “homework” that I found to be consuming all of my time this week. I also have another peculiar thing known as “procrastination”, or “Family Guy-itis”, that gets in the way of said “homework”.

Anyway, I know that I promised Rabbi J stories, but I somehow doubt those of you who don’t know me care one way or the other. For those of you who do know me, you’ve probably heard them all before.

I will now leave you with an untitled and very shitty poem. I wrote it on a postcard for a friend while lounging in bed and feeling very ill this morning. Don’t expect it to be funny unless you actually know the bird Ema and the cat Milo.

There once was a bird named Ema
who was fond of pecking eye glasses.
This often caused much drama
as well as some painful gnashes

Her rival was named Milo
and he was a temperamental cat
who belonged in a grotto
and deserved to be spat at!


  1. Having problems getting back into your scholarly duties, too? Summer is such a cruel, cruel invention. The sad thing is, I'd never willingly let go of it, either. The real world is going to suck. Maybe I'll become a teacher just so I can keep my summer forever… No, maybe I won't.