Drunk Dial #333: The Future Mrs. Pratt*

Me:”Omigod! It’s the future Mrs. Pratt! Omigod! I can’t tell you what an honor it is to speak with you!”

My friend laughed. “You’re drunk dialing me, again! You were supposed to call on Wednesday!” she said.

“I know, I know! I’m such a horrible person. But: Omifuckingod! You’re getting married!”

She had just told me today over the interwebs that she was not officially officially getting married in a year in Budapest. I.e. they weren’t quite engaged, but they’ve made the plans. I.e. The cheap bastard hasn’t given her a ring yet, but they’ve made the plans.**

Me, again: “Duuuuude! I am so fuckin’ drunk!”

Her: “I can tell…”

Me: “Are you drunk yet?”

Her: “Of course! I’m an architect! A drunken architect! Not only do I have an image to uphold, but I’ve also earned the title of ‘Professional Drunk Bastard’.”

Me: “I can’t wait ’till you come and visit! I’m gonna have to buy you a round of drinks to celebrate the ‘not official official engagement!”

Her: laughter.

Me; “Duuuuude, seriously! I haven’t even met this guy yet. I’ve only seen his picture! He still has to pass my test of ‘appropriate husband material for my ‘twin’***.”

Her: “This is such a deep and meaningful drunken conversation!”

Me: “As if you could expect any less!?! We’re fuckin’ toasted. The both of us! We should solve the mystery of the universe while we’re at it!”

Her: “Don’t forget the mystery of humankind existence! We’ll totally be able to solve that shit in a matter of seconds.”

Me: “Duuuuude. Let’s start right now! The number 47…”****

*I doubt this is #333, but three is my lucky number, so three threes must be super-lucky. And considering the subject matter of this call, I’d say super-luck is appropriate!

**This is all my drunken interpretation, of course, so pay no heed to it.

***She is totally my twin who has been seperated from me at birth. In a metaphorical, “I’m Whitey-McWhite and she’s Mexican but we still say the same things at the same time, even when we first met” sort of way.

****It’s probably best not to pay much heed to this entire post, other than for laughs. Afterall, it’s about a drunk dial, written while I was drunk. I cannot verify the accuracy of the above, though I do remember drunk dialing said friend and talking about her engagement.


  1. There is totally a huge chance that I have no idea who this is, but if this is who I think it is:
    WOW, holy crap! Tell her I said congrats!!!! And a huge eHug.

  2. LOL! You read my blog?!?
    Yeah, it's who you think it is. 😉
    *Makes mental note to tone down the drunken debauchery posts*