Hey, Buddha


Hey, Homie Ho

See what kind of trouble I get into when procrastinating? I tell you, it’s bad when I have too much homework to do.


  1. that's a really cool picture. how did you think of it?

  2. Despite the fact that I offended you by linked your picture without permission, you offended me with this picture you made. I'm a buddhist. How can you do such a thing to a buddha?
    Anyway, he's a happy buddha; he wouldn't mind. I think…
    PS: nice artwork

  3. If you are offended by my images, perhaps you should leave the US and find a place where there is no freedom to express oneself with words or photos. I'm sure that place you find will also have no laws protecting artists from any form of theft- such as hotlinking their photos and not crediting them.

  4. Rattanack says:

    You really are mad at me. I wasn't offended by the image. I just want to cover old wound by commenting on your image… Oh well, if this world has no forgiving, then I should even leave this earth.