New Entry

I really like the color blue. Actually, I really like green and purple, and red- then blue, and sometimes orange. But who’s keeping track?

In other news, I just noticed that I got my first comment troll on this website. Yeah! I’m moving up in the world.


  1. How interesting! That's like liking a bunch of different colors at the same time, I guess kinda like a plaid-ish color, speaking of which…that, in fact, is the color (s) of my sheets, ah colors.

  2. Are you sure that's the color of your sheets, Mason? That could just be a pile of month-old dirty laundry, moldy snack foods, and unidentifiable bodily fluids.

  3. Squibly tried to kill my zombie, York Iller. The name will be prophetic.

  4. I found this site on my UrbanDead contacts list, and then found your PoDW petition. Just wanted to say thanks for starting something like that. My friends and I loved that show and we'll be signing.