And once again, German kept me off the Dean’s List. Two more Germanless quarters to go! They should both fly by quite smoothly. I love the language, but I feel there’s something inherently sinister about being expected to comprehend the logic behind anything when I’m not a logic person. To make things harder, the German department at the UW was lacking in quality. Towards the end, I gave up on getting help from my instructors as they were always impatient with my inability to understand the concepts behind the language. One in particular made me want to slap her and scream. Her hard-to-understand Bulgarian accent didn’t help, as one can imagine. Looking back, I feel like I gave up too early. My final German professor seemed like she actually cared about whether anyone learned or not. Perhaps she would have showed me that the mysterious Germanic logic isn’t that complicated.

I had hoped to review Pochi’s Bubble Tea today, but work led to more work which led to even more work which was in turn followed by hanging out with Peter the sexy beer guzzling mandolin playin’ pimp (if any ladies are lookin’ for a real man, he’s single). After a couple of hours of hanging out with Peter, I returned home to spend many more hours fixing my blog comments. Soon I realized that it was gettin’ pretty late and I should work on completing my summer study abroad application that’s due in a little more than a day. Don’t know why it took me five months to finish that application, nor why it took even longer to fix my comments, but I finally completed both.

It’s times like this that make me wish I kept a to-do list so that I can triumphantly cross both tasks off with a fat black sharpie. I would probably add German to the list and cross the hell out of it until ink spread thickly into the paper grain, tearing through in pungent black blood.


  1. Thanks for the compliment. The coding took way longer than it should have.
    Wait, a hot Irish stud wrote down my website on a napkin? There

  2. Ohh. Ahh. The comments are so beautiful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ohhhhh. They're even more beautiful when you post something one them!
    I'm in some cyber cafe right now and some sexy Irish lad was reading your site with me. He wrote down your web address on a napkin so I hope I just gave you a new reader.

  4. Oops. That above post would be mine. And it's "on" not "one".

  5. Cherry Coke is definitely not nearly as good as Dr. Pepper. Oh wait, what was this post about?