Pirates Are Cool

My newest obsession is “One Piece”. If you don’t like cartoons, then you won’t be able to understand. I, however, have always had a soft spot in my heart for cartoons (and pirates!). It’s a double whammy on my brain- not only do I get a healthy dose of colorful art, but I also get imaginative story lines that movies tend to shy away from due limitations of the human body (such as our natural inability to stretch limbs to insane distances). And with over 100 episodes (all about pirates!), it gives me a good reason to procrastinate. Oh, and did I mention pirates?

Although “One Piece” is not released in the US, you can download fansubs from here. Since I’m kind of lazy right now and don’t feel like writing a review, visit this site to learn more about the series.


  1. Three swords, eh? I want that piece of man meat.

  2. Must have more… *drool*

  3. By "more", you mean more episodes of One Piece, not more swords or more man meat. Or is there something you're not telling me, Tyler?

  4. Gah, that response wasn't sexy at all…