I’m working on a website redesign. I think.

I’m quite partial to the Mikania design I have right now, even though I can’t stand the asymmetric side boxes that I really want to be symmetric. And yet, I had an epiphany while eating one of the raspberry flavored truffles Tyler had brought back with him after staying with his family over Christmas. I took one bite into the decadent, and looked down to notice the shocking deep pink color of the inside and how it contrasted against the dark chocolate coating. I was also wearing a bright orange sweater at the time. Needless to say, the color scheme of a new website was born.

Whenever I begin working on a new design, I open Photoshop and play with the color scheme until I have the basic colors and their values. Sometimes things will change drastically later, but having the colors helps me to begin working on the actual design.

raspberry filling

I’m also in the process of moving the address over to a hosting service that I had signed up for awhile back. I’ve been too lazy to move everything over there, but I figure I’m wasting money on a space I’m not using. And I’m tired of looking at that ugly address.

Lastly, I’m saying “good-bye” to Movable Type for now. Partly because my hosting service made it really easy to install WordPress, partly because I wanted to know in more detail what it looked like and how it worked, but mostly because I’ve found Movable Type to be too clunky. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep WordPress at this point in time, though. But for now, this will probably be the last post I write using MT.

Update: WordPress, you suck. I think I’m staying with Movable Type. Oh, and Cyberduck, you also suck. Do you think you could crash just a little bit more? I don’t think once every 30 seconds is enough. Maybe you should move it up to a crash every five seconds.


  1. Is it working?

  2. It's working!!!!
    (For now.)

  3. Hey that's not bad Mindy, I like the little red and orange boxes in the middle, it's kinda funny. Hey have you ever read The Fountainhead? Tyler's probly talked with you about it, but thats a great book.

  4. I moved your post, but I can't edit the time. Hmm…
    The picture is just me showing how I muck around with colors. The boxes and stuff aren't the actual design.
    Why are you talking about The Fountainhead? Are you currently reading it, or are you just under the influence of questionable materials?