I’m in Rome, and have been since my flight landed on June 15th. I’ve seen a lot of monuments, learned about those monuments, and endured countless days of heat and black dust and torturous lectures that never end. It’s been fun for the most part- even the living in a six bedroom apartment with twelve people and two semi-working showers with small hot water tanks. I’ve had my bad days, my homesick days, and my pissed-off days. But I’ve had more good days than bad, homesick, or pissed-off, so I’d say it’s been a good experience so far. I have ten more days before I go home.

I’ve been writing about my experiences everyday, most of which I’m still working on putting online. I have very little time, and I made the mistake of having a grand plan to create a special Rome section for when I was here. It took me awhile to smooth out the details of my Rome section, at the sacrifice of not being able to put a lot of entries into the blog. I plan to slowly work on this until I leave, or possibly even after I leave. So, if you’re interested, check out the archives in a week or so.

For now and until I return to Seattle, here’s the ugly link to my Rome section:


  1. Oh! So that's why you've been so quiet! I figured you had internet access there since you kept emailing me. I was begining to wonder if it was some sort of psychic control over the internet ala Lawn Mower Man.
    I can't remember much about that movie. Was it the internet or just electricity? What a shitty movie. I remember when we watched it a long time ago and had to eat a peanut every time we laughed at it. That was fun. But not fun enough to do it again with that movie.