The Great Move

Two Fridays ago, Tyler and I were given keys to our new apartment. Since then, my life has been a confused blur of boxes, beanie babies, hard to navigate spaces, fevers, more beanie babies, violent coughs and exasperating ebayers. I handed in the keys of The Apartment From Hell to my infuriating Landlord From Hell yesterday who then began ranting about how he’ll bill us if the place isn’t spotless. Sorry you jerk, that’s what the damage deposit and non-refundable cleaning deposit you didn’t bother with is for. Though don’t get me wrong, we did a general cleaning before we left- a cleaning that made the rundown place look beautiful compared to the day we moved in.

My life isn’t completely organized and put away yet; I still have a large amount of beanie babies to auction off. However, I expect I will have more time to actually update this blog from now on. That is assuming, of course, that my German class which has now started doesn’t kill me.

Tyler doesn't always sit at his computer with only boxers on

See? Here’s Tyler cleaning!


  1. I'm so pretty!

  2. Especially when you work hard, bitch. Now get back in the kitchen and do the dishes! And make me some pie!