When Pigeons Attack

What a beautiful spring-like day it was in Seattle. I enjoyed a nice saunter to the HUB on Campus to grab a cup hearty soup before wandering around aimlessly and taking pictures. I didn’t end up taking too many pictures during my two-hour break, but I did enjoy the warm weather. I didn’t even have to wear a coat!

Apparently the pigeons were enjoying the weather as well. These two were certainly enthusiastic about a wire belonging to Flowers sign. Their fight over the wire lasted at least ten minutes before a third pigeon joined in. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to witness the rest of the fight and who the victor (if any) was since the bus rolled up just as the third pigeon decided that delicious looking wire was worth braving two of it’s fellow vermin.


  1. Haha, you put an apostrophe in "its" when you weren't supposed to.
    I'm in the EE lab right now, and I should be doing my lab write-up cuz it's due soon (see, got it right). But I'll probably fuck it up later.

  2. Happy Friday the 13th to you, too.

  3. Let me get this straight- they were fighting over an electrical wire? Is the sign still working?